Wellsprings Academy - Dawn of a New Era in the Education Scene of Sarjapur, Bangalore

Oct. 12, 2023, 1:40 p.m.

Over the years, Bangalore has acquired numerous sobriquets, from ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ and ‘Garden City’ to the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. This transformation of the city has resulted in the creation of tremendous job opportunities leading to a surge in its population. To fulfil the various educational needs that have inevitably arisen, many renowned schools and institutions of higher learning are coming into existence on a continuous basis, which has turned Bangalore into one of the leading educational hubs of the country. With this growth, the city is also expanding embracing the suburban towns, talukas, and villages into its folds, leading to their development. Mugalur village of Sarjapur, being one such area, has become home to quite a few schools, with Wellsprings Academy as the newest addition.

Wellsprings Academy is the culmination of a long-cherished dream of the promoters who wanted to offer the opportunity of a well-rounded education of international standard to the students of the neighborhood. Wellsprings Academy offers Cambridge program

The Indian education system is witnessing a sea change with the introduction of the New Education Policy 2020. The traditional system of imparting knowledge is being completely overhauled to prepare the students be ready to face the challenges of the 21stcentury and be future-ready. While the existing schools will have to evolve to embrace these changes, Wellsprings Academy has started with all the provisions of NEP incorporated into the system from the very beginning. It is all set to enhance the practical skills of the students by promoting skill-based education. With its motto of LEARN, LEAD, LIBERATE, the school is fully prepared to churn out global citizens and future leaders who will be instrumental in the progress of the society at large.

The important features that the parent community seeks in a school for the growth and development of their children, are being provided by this new school. These features are;

  • World-Class Infrastructure – The infrastructure at Wellsprings Academy is of international standards. It is a spacious and sprawling campus completely in sync with all statutory requirements of building construction, open spaces, and safety standards. The amenities and facilities of the school are aimed at providing the optimum conducive learning environment fulfilling all criteria of the 21stcentury educational needs of students.

  • Well-Rounded Curriculum– The curriculum is well-structured and regularly reviewed to keep up with progressive changes in the world. Its design is focused on the all-round holistic development of the learners, including the formation of connections between students and community.

  • Individualized Learning via MI (Multiple Intelligence) Approach– This school uses Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory approach to enhance the learning experience of students. This approach enables the teachers to teach a concept using the different intelligences, thereby providing opportunities for the diverse learners to excel in their learning. For example, a student with a high visual-spatial intelligence will learn better through activities of drawings and puzzles. Teaching is done using the strengths of the individual learners. This leads to success in learning for every single student.

  • Spectacular Co-Curricular Activities – Special attention has been paid to complement the scholastic learning of the students through co-curricular activities aimed at supporting emotional, social, creative, intellectual, and physical development of students. Opportunities in the form of various clubs, outdoor and indoor sports, arts, and beyond are provided to the students, offering them a range of possibilities to explore their various interests and talents.

  • Technology Integrated Learning – Wellsprings Academy recognizes the importance of technology integrated learning and is effectively using technological tools and devices in classrooms to actively engage the learners with the learning objectives. This creates avenues for differentiated instruction, which fulfils the specific needs of students as individual learners within a broader classroom environment.

  • Skill-Based Education – The pedagogy adopted by the school is aimed at the development of all the 21st century skills in the students. This includes the three Ls (Learning, Literacy, and Life skills), the four Cs (Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, and Communication), IMT (Information Literacy, Media Literacy, Technology Literacy), and FLIPS (Flexibility and Adaptability, Initiative and Self-Direction, Social and Cross-Cultural Interaction).

  • Project-Based Learning – The school has adopted this flexible and dynamic pedagogy to increase student engagement and promote deeper learning in students, as opposed to superficial learning. This approach develops research skills, effective collaboration, communication skills, as well as problem-solving skills in students.

To conclude, the Wellsprings Academy is a welcome addition to the educational landscape of Sarjapur and Varthur, Bangalore, focusing on the development of intellectual, personal, emotional, literary, and social skills of the students that they require to live, learn, work, and lead in this rapidly changing world. It fosters both personal and academic achievement by challenging the students to excel in their studies and in their individual growth as a whole person. Here, the learner’s profile is a purposeful combination of the essential attributes of being knowledgeable and scientific thinkers, effective communicators, and innovative problem-solvers, along with the attributes of moral and value-based dimensions. Detailed information regarding Wellsprings Academy is available on their website - https://wellspringsacademy.in/about-us/

Admissions Open for 2023-24