Performing Arts

The creative and ever-inquisitive minds of children love to explore the unexplored. There are many things a child imagines and feels ecstatic about. Performing Arts being one of them, facilitates children to explore areas that form the soul and cultural ethos of the diverse world.
The curiosity and the passion to explore different aspects of life a clear signs of a child’s willingness and excitement to learn.
To harness the curiosity and creative yearnings of children and to lead them in the right direction, Wellsprings Academy ensures students’ participation in various performing arts activities.

Music - Harmonizing Passions

Wellspring's music program is a symphony of self-discovery. From mastering instruments to vocal prowess, our students embark on a melodic journey that goes beyond notes and rhythms. Assessments evaluate not only technical proficiency but also the emotional resonance created in each musical expression.

Dance - Rhythmic Poetry of Motion

In the dance studio, we celebrate the poetry of motion. Our dance program is a canvas where students explore movement, rhythm, and expression. Assessments measure the fluidity of motion, storytelling through dance, and the personal flair each dancer brings to their performance.

Drama - Theatrical Mastery

Drama is the heartbeat of expression at Wellsprings. In our theatrical endeavours, students immerse themselves in storytelling, character development, and the transformative power of the stage. Assessments gauge not only acting skills but also the ability to evoke emotions and communicate narratives with conviction.
Students are encouraged to join our Performing Arts Clubs that engage them in drama, music, dance and other creative activities. These forms of art also work as a medium for generating awareness among children about various evils plaguing society.